Rumor claims iPad Mini 4 will take design cues from the iPad Air 2

iPad Mini 4

Apple is expected to refresh the iPad lineup later this year, as is customary for the company. A new rumor is telling us that this year’s iPad Mini upgrade could be better than expected as it is supposedly going to pack the same design as the iPad Air 2, which is the current flagship iPad sold by Apple.

The rumor pegs the iPad Mini 4 to be packing a thickness of just 6.1mm, compared to 7.5mm from last year’s model. This could be the only similarity though, as Apple has barely shown any interest in making the iPad Mini lineup attractive to the customers ever since the first model was released.

The current gen model in particular has been subject to a lot of criticism as it only brings a Touch ID sensor along and no other hardware changes compared to the previous gen iPad Mini. We hope that the company will change that this year with the iPad Mini 4.

It is also being said that Apple might push the release of the iPad Air 3 to next year in order to accommodate the release of the iPad Pro this year. These are just rumors for now of course, so we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt.

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Via: 9to5Mac