Rear casing of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus reveals some minor changes

iPhone 6s Plus

An image revealed by a supply chain source has given us an early glimpse of the changes that could be on board the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. The leak shows us the alleged back panel of the upcoming Apple flagship. Much like the previous leaks, we don’t see any major design changes here, but a couple of minor adjustments which could be responsible for hardware changes in the next gen iPhone.

It is said that Apple is using a superior grade Series 7000 aluminum with the iPhone 6s Plus. This material is also used on the Apple Watch and is used by airliners, so durability is a given if Apple goes with this particular component. Of course, there’s no clarification of this as of yet, but it seems likely considering what Apple went through with last year’s bendgate fiasco.

iPhone 6s Plus Back

The screw slot for the speaker is shown to be slightly higher on this unit, which indicates that Apple is possibly contemplating the use of a bigger and improved speaker unit for the handset.

As usual, we suggest you take the report with a grain of salt for now as we’re still some distance away from getting official confirmation. Do you see any other changes with the back panel shown here? Hit the comments section below.

Source: Future Supplier

Via: Phone Arena