Facebook users on the iPhone now have more control over their news feed

Facebook News Feed - Prioritization

Starting today, Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its iOS users which will let them control every aspect of their News Feed to only show content that they desire. This update comes with four primary features to modify your news feed – prioritize, unfollow, reconnect and discover.

Prioritize essentially lets you pick what content you’d like to see on top. Once you choose the desired people or pages under the prioritize section, their content will appear on top of your news feed, ensuring that you don’t miss any new posts or updates from your loved ones. Users who are marked under the prioritize setting will have their posts displayed with a star symbol.

Unfollow essentially lets you hide some posts that you’re not interested in seeing, without necessarily removing the people from your friends list. This will let you silence that annoying friend for a bit without actually removing him/her from your list.

Facebook News Feed Unfollow

Further, Reconnect lets you get back in touch with people who you might have unfriended recently, if you so please. Discover is pretty much like the name suggests and will offer you suggestions to follow a new page, a band or some other topic that you might find interesting.

These features are currently making their way to the iOS version of Facebook with Android users having to wait for the time being.

Source: Facebook

Via: iPhone Hacks

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