Apple’s iPod lineup could be refreshed with new colors soon

iPod Refresh

The entire iPod lineup could be refreshed with the addition of a few new colors according to a new revelation. The refresh will include the likes of the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle as well as the Nano, according to a source familiar with the matter.

It is believed that the revamped color scheme could be introduced on the 14th of July, which is on a Tuesday and lines up well with Apple’s tradition. Another hint here is that the iPod Touch shown in the promotional images is seen to be running on iOS 8 and we’re seeing all new icons and the addition of the Health app on the device.

iPod Touch

Unfortunately, the iPod Touch shown in the images doesn’t seem to have the Touch ID sensor. This in turn means that Apple doesn’t want to bring Apple Pay support to the device and probably wants to keep the iPod separate from the rest of the iOS lineup.

The iPod refresh also rules out any new iPod releases in the foreseeable future. Perhaps Apple will also upgrade the hardware on the iPod Touch which has remained unchanged since the days of iOS 6.

Source: Apple Insider