Apple getting sued in Europe for ‘iWatch’ ad campaign

Apple Watch

Apple was quite clear about the naming convention for its new wearable when it was revealed in late 2014. However, months before its launch, the leaks referred to this device as the iWatch. But the company put that to rest when it announced that the device will simply be known as the Apple Watch. That being said, Apple is aware that there are still some people out there that associate the wearable with the iWatch moniker. And to get the most of this, the company has bought out ads (via Google) for the keyword ‘iWatch’.

As it turns out, a development studio named Probendi in Ireland has held the trademark for the iWatch moniker since 2008. This has obviously caused concern for the company as the search result for iWatch in some European countries links to the Apple Watch product page. Google has promised to do its bit to avoid using keywords that are trademarked, although no changes have been noticed as of yet.

Here’s what the folks at Probendi had to say in a tribunal filing- “Apple has systematically used iWatch wording on Google search engine in order to direct customers to its own website, advertising Apple Watch. Apple never replied to our requests and objections, while Google said they are not responsible for links.”

Source: Bloomberg

Via: MacRumors