T-Mobile iPhone 6 units supposedly seeing ‘blue screen of death’

iPhone - FaceTime

Some users of the T-Mobile iPhone 6 are supposedly seeing the ‘blue screen of death’, which essentially reboots the phone after a couple of flashes on the screen.

It is said that some users have seen a resolution after disabling WiFi calling on their iPhones. The issue is said to be affecting the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 as well as the 6 Plus running iOS 8 or above (until iOS 8.3).

Factory resetting also seems to be working for some users and is possibly the best solution at the moment. Another theory floating around in the internet right now is that this issue is caused by the LTE data usage on the smartphone, so turning off LTE or VoLTE altogether seems to be working for some users as well.

T-Mobile and Apple haven’t provided concrete details on this issue yet, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s exactly causing the issue at the moment. We must reiterate that this only affects T-Mobile customers right now and other users need not worry about it right now.

Knowing that some users are actually getting replacements for units facing these issues, it is likely that Apple or T-Mobile might have internally acknowledged this bug.

Via: Apple Insider