Some Apple Stores to start selling the Apple Watch with a collectible bag for free

Apple Watch - Sport

With the Apple Watch very hard to come by at the moment, it is being revealed that some Apple Stores across the U.S. are going to offer the wearable in limited quantities next week. And for those who have waited long to get their hands on the Apple Watch, Apple will also offer a special collectible bag for free along with the purchase, which is a nice touch and appreciation of the customers’ faith in the product.

It is said that Apple is offering bags with handles/rope which matches the color of the band that you’ve selected for the Watch. Some units are still online only unfortunately, so you won’t be able to get all variants of the Apple Watch if you walk into a store next week.

Apple Watch Bag

Availability is dependent on whether that particular outlet has it in stock and also if all the previous orders have been dealt with. That looks like a very slim possibility at the moment, so getting the Sport version online seems to be the only way one can get their hands on the Apple Watch at the moment.


Via: 9to5Mac