Reserve Strap juice pack for the Apple Watch to ship in November

Reserve Strap - Apple Watch

So you’ve got yourself an Apple Watch recently and find yourself charging the device before the end of the day. Well, this is easily one of the most frequently heard complaints regarding Apple’s new wearable. This is where something like the Reserve Strap chimes in with its additional battery pack for the Apple Watch.

The Reserve Strap can offer up to 30 hours of additional battery life for the Apple Watch, which is about 167% of the wearable’s current battery capacity. So you can be assured that you won’t have to charge your wearable once or twice a day if you have the Reserve Strap with you.

This is essentially a strap that fits onto the existing 38 and 42mm Apple Watch variants, so you can use this on any model of the Apple Watch right now. The strap will power the Apple Watch using a secret port on the wearable and not the default charging port available on the device. The company is believed to have taken this call to enable faster charging.

The Reserve Strap will set you back by $249, which is quite a lot of money, but well worth it if you want to eke out some extra juice from your Apple Watch. It won’t start shipping out to the customers until November though, so there’s still some waiting to do.

Source: Reserve Strap

Via: 9to5Mac