LG could be the only manufacturer to supply displays for the Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch

According to internal supply chain sources, Apple might yet again stick with LG for the production of the displays of its upcoming Apple Watch 2 wearable. The current iteration of the Apple Watch uses an LG made P-OLED flexible display and is produced only by LG and it is being said that Apple won’t change that with the next gen model.

This is in contrast to Apple’s policies which usually revolves around using multiple component manufacturers for its products. It is being said that Apple found LG to be the only suitable candidate for the displays of the Apple Watch 2, hence leaving no option but to stick with them.

This could mean more revenues for LG as Apple suppliers are usually known to churn in decent amount of profits, solely due to the sheer volume of shipments. Samsung is another supplier that Apple depends on, but Apple is reportedly looking to reduce dependency on them considering that they’re industry rivals. The second gen Apple Watch should break cover in the first quarter of 2016, so there’s still some time left before Apple could make up its mind for sure.

Source: MK News

Via: G For Games