iOS 9 can temporarily delete some app data to make room for large updates

iOS 9

iOS 9 has been official for a while now and developers are currently running the update on their devices to learn what’s new and what’s not functional with the new release. A new finding tells us that the new iOS update is capable of temporarily cleaning up some app data, in order to make room for a system update.

iOS 9 App Space

This is particularly useful if you’re using a massive applications that can eat into the storage pretty quickly. A developer has revealed on Twitter as to how this function works. As you can see from the screenshot above, the update will provide a prompt asking if you would like to clean up some space temporarily on your device.

We must clarify that this is only if your device doesn’t have enough space, so if you’re used to iOS 8 and instinctively clean up some space for a system update, this won’t be much of a concern.

Do you welcome this new addition from Apple?

Source: @Kaleb_Butt – Twitter

Via: iPhone Hacks