Future iPhone models could come with 240fps recording, LED flash support and more

iPhone - FaceTime

According to internal code found within the freshly unveiled iOS 9 operating system, Apple could be looking to bring a more powerful front facing FaceTime camera with future iPhone models. The code also hints at support for 1080p video recording at 240 frames per second (slow-motion) and a standalone LED flash as well. Some rather redundant features like panorama are also said to be included with iOS 9.

The revelation was made by developer Hamza Sood, who found these details while digging up the iOS 9 SDK. It must be noted that current gen FaceTime cameras can only take videos in 720p, so this will be a major upgrade keeping that in mind.

We have seen Android phones with massive front facing cameras (HTC Desire Eye, ASUS ZenFone Selfie to name a few), so it’s good to see that Apple is also willing to step into the selfie arena with its future iPhone models.

That being said, nothing is set in stone at the moment, so we can’t be certain if the company will actually release the next gen iPhones with massive sensors and an LED flash. But the fact that support is built into the iOS 9 code is certainly a positive sign.

Source: @hamzasood – Twitter

Via: 9to5Mac