Apple Watch might allow file sharing with a simple handshake

Apple Watch - Handshake File Transfer

A new patent filed by Apple indicates that file sharing could be on top of the company’s¬†mind right now with regards to the Apple Watch. As we all know, the Apple Watch is pretty versatile in its feature set and it seems like Apple will make it even better if a new patent application with the USPTO is anything to go by.

The Cupertino giant has filed for a patent which allows for the Apple Watch to initiate a file transfer with gestures such as handshake or something like a bump even. The sensors inside the wearable will pick up the gestures and notify the device accordingly. The file transfer can be carried out over NFC, Bluetooth or even WiFi, so users will have a wide array of sharing options. Interestingly, it is said that data can also be transferred from an Apple Watch to a larger iOS device.

We must mention that this is merely a patent for the time being and could be far away from reality, so don’t get your hopes up as of yet. But it’s good to get a peek into the future to understand what Apple has in store for us.


Source: Patently Apple