Apple Watch getting native apps with the new watchOS

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is slowly building traction in the markets and it seems like Apple is going to make it a more attractive option for upcoming buyers as well as current users. At the WWDC event in San Francisco today, the company announced a new updated version of the watchOS which would finally bring support for native apps, letting users run them independently on the Apple Watch.

The company will also release a new API to make this possible, so expect a bundle of new applications for the Apple Watch to be available by Fall this year. As it currently stands, the Apple Watch needs to communicate with the iPhone for the pairing and functioning of certain apps, but having native apps will negate the need for that altogether.

Apple watchOS

During the same event, Apple also announced the new Mac OS X, dubbed El Capitan, succeeding 10.10 Yosemite. There was also the much awaited announcement of iOS 9 with the focus on battery life, performance as well as security as mentioned by Apple’s own Craig Federighi during the keynote address. The event will further see host to the Apple Music announcement, which will rival the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora etc.