Apple might be considering virtual on-screen home button for future iPhones

iPhone Display

Apple has been lauded for the design and technology involved in the iPhone range. But if there’s one criticism of the device, it’s that it used up a lot of bottom bezel space for the home button, something which HTC has to contend with as well with its One series of Android smartphones.

In order to tackle this issue and decrease the overall length, it is said that Apple could be looking to experiment with a virtual home button that is embedded on the display itself. The report stems from a Taiwanese news outlet that is citing industry sources familiar with the matter.

It is said that the company is working on a touch and display driver integration chip (TDDI) for this purpose. We must reiterate that this idea is not set in stone and could merely be an idea that Apple is tinkering with at the moment. So we strongly suggest you to not get your hopes up as of now.

However, an idea like this seems believable given the technological advancements made by Apple in the tech industry. Do you think a feature like this would be feasible? Sound off below.

Source: Digitimes

Via: 9to5Mac