HTC Desire EYE unveiled with 13MP front camera and specs like One M8

HTC just made official it’s new device, the HTC Desire EYE. At first glance at the technical specs it is obvious the company is trying to compensate shortcomings of One M8, especially its camera. But aside from that and a bit smaller battery, everything is the same.


While the company unveiled the device after weeks of rumors and leaks, it hasn’t disclosed its price just yet. However, a French website gave us an idea how much Desire EYE would cost. Nowhere Else posted that the phone will become available in France by the end of the month and it will have a price tag of €529, which is very close to One M8’s current market price.

It isn’t the first time HTC released a “follow up” device for its flagship. In fact, the company did the same with HTC One X+, which was an upgrade of the One X device about a couple of years ago. Then, it was more obvious the new phone was a beefed up version. Desire EYE, on the other hand, can barely be considered an upgrade as it retained 97% of One M8’s specs.

Differences between Desire EYE and One M8 

Primary Camera: The new device now sports the typical camera with 13MP sensor instead of the dual 4MP.

Secondary Camera: EYE is obviously built to make an appeal to people who often take selfies or groufies; it’s 13MP front camera says likewise. This is, of course, a clear upgrade from M8’s 5MP front snapper. But is it that essential? No.

Display: The new phone comes with a slightly bigger display at 5.2 inches versus M8’s 5.0 but retained the 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. The 0.2 inches difference can hardly be noticed but at a much closer look, M8’s display will appear more vivid and sharp at 441 ppi density compared to EYE’s 424 ppi.

Battery: Among all these differences, the battery is the one that matters most. Desire EYE only has 2,400mAh battery while M8 has 2,600mAh. Since both devices have the same specs, they consume the same amount of power but apparently EYE’s battery will be depleted faster than that of M8’s.

While HTC Desire EYE is a powerful phone, it’s not worth giving up your M8 (if you own one) for it. However, it sure will make more appeal technically if a person is made to choose between them.