Super Secure Blackphone Smartphone Starts Shipping, Costs $630

Are you concerned that someone may be eavesdropping on your smartphone communications? You might want to consider using a more secure device and luckily one such product is already shipping out to those who pre-ordered it. Meet the Blackphone, an Android smartphone that’s created by the joint venture of Silent Circle and Geeksphone. This $630 smartphone has enterprise level privacy and security features that are made available to the regular consumer.


Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies, said that “We are excited to achieve this key milestone on schedule and ship a remarkable device to customers that is the result of an unprecedented combination of privacy and mobile innovations and visionaries. Blackphone’s arrival puts mobile privacy directly in the hands of professionals and consumers everywhere. In a world where devices and apps increasingly offer features only in return for users’ personal or sensitive information, the pent-up demand for Blackphone shows there is strong, international demand for our brand’s devices and services that stand apart by placing privacy before all else.”

Some of the key features of this device include

  • Private communications: Comes with private encrypted voice and video calls and text messaging with attachments via Silent Circle’s, Silent Phone and Silent Text .
  • Wi-Fi security: Pre-installed Kismet Smarter Wi-Fi Manager prevents Wi-Fi hotspots from capturing Blackphone users’ wireless connection history and other information that could be used to track users’ locations or patterns of activity and information about sensitive office or home networks.
  • Security Center: Gives owners complete control over application permissions, allowing immediate changes without rebooting or reinstalling.
  • Remote wipe and protect: Gives users the ability to control their phone’s data from anywhere in the world.
  • Anonymous Web browsing and VPN: Disconnect Search offers private browsing protection from invasive Web monitoring by hiding users’ IP address, browser cookies and personal information.
  • Private cloud storage: Blackphone owners can access files in SpiderOak’s private encrypted cloud service right from their mobile device.

Technical Specifications

  • 4.7-inch 720p IPS display
  • 2 GHz, quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4i processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • microSD slot for external storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n
  • LTE connectivity
  • 8-megapixel rear camera
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera
  • 2000 mAh battery

The initial inventory of Blackphone immediately sold out with pre-ordered units already shipping. Those who are interested in getting this device who haven’t pre-ordered it may do so this coming July 14 when the company will be accepting a new batch of pre-orders.

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