Quick Ways To Fix Apple iPhone 5S Problems


If you think your Apple iPhone 5S is free from problems, you’re wrong. Any time you may encounter one of the issues cited in this post. We understand that going to an Apple Store is a hassle and scouring support forums would take a lot of time without the guarantee of finding solutions for your concerns. That is why we offer this free service just for you.

If your problems weren’t included in this post, email us at [email protected] and we will include your message in our next publications. But I urge you to provide as much information as possible so we would know appropriate procedures to fix your problems.

Incoming calls go straight to voicemail

There were complaints from iPhone 5S owners saying incoming calls are automatically being sent to voicemail. It is not really a common problem but it effects could be very destructive especially for people whose job includes making and receiving calls daily. This issue more often happens to people who ported their phone number from one carrier to another. So, the possibility that it is a network-related problem is higher than being a hardware problem.

In case you’re one of the owners who have this issue with their iPhone 5S, I suggest you call your current service provider. And for those who ported their phone number, call the your new carrier as it surely is a routing problem. It could be that the porting hasn’t been completed yet or there’s a problem with activation. Owners of iPhone 5S units that need SIM cards (GSM) to use services may have to wait a few days to receive their replacement SIM cards — I’m referring to owners in the U.S. whose phones are tied to one SIM card.

iPhone 5S microphone not working

Many also complained about their phone’s microphone not picking up their voice clearly. For owners who often record their voice or use their phone’s camera to capture videos, having a microphone that doesn’t work well is a bugger. The thing about this problem is that, it could be a hardware issue or firmware-related problem. Now, here are some of the things you can do to fix this.

  1. For owners of newly purchased iPhone 5S, don’t forget to remove the protective film on the screen. The film blocks your voice and thus, obscures it making resulting to poor call or recording quality.
  2. If you recently dressed up your iPhone with a new case and this problem happens, it is apparent that the case is interfering with your phone mic’s function including the noise cancellation feature. Try using the device’s microphone with the new case off to see if there’s a difference in the recording or voice quality. You may also try turning the noise cancellation feature by going to Settings > General > Accessibility.
  3. In case the microphone won’t work with a certain app, you should check if that app has permission to use the microphone by going to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Make changes to the setting if possible.

iPhone 5S can no long send picture messages

Picture messages or text messages with attached pictures are MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages. They need to have access to the MMS network so they could be sent. But in order to do that, you must know the correct APN settings that need to be set on your phone so it can connect to the network.

To make sure you have the correct APN on your phone, call your service provider and ask for it. Bear in mind that the APN for internet is usually different from APN for MMS. You can let the rep walk you through setting it up on your phone and test by sending a picture message to your self before you let the rep go. You need to enable mobile data on your iPhone so you can send / receive MMS messages.

For owners who ported their phone number to a different carrier, you need to call your current service provider to ask for their APN because previous settings on your phone wouldn’t work for sure. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that by the time your phone uses the SIM card of the other company, all settings will be changed. No, that’s not true, or at least, not all the time. So, it would still be wise if you manually checked the APN.

iMessage is not working properly

Don’t be surprised, instead get used to it. Apple’s messaging service has always been buggy and many owners are complaining non-iPhone users cannot receive their messages. Some reported not being able to send messages while many said some of their messages just vanished without a trace.

If you are one of the with who’s currently experiencing one of the issues iMessage brings, I suggest you send regular text messages rather than using this service. Unless Apple would exert tremendous effort, these problems will continuously bug iOS users.

iPhone 5S lags when typing

Here is another bizarre problem that was haunting iPhone owners after the iOS 7.1 update. There are still a lot of owners who are complaining that their phone takes around 5 seconds or more to enter a letter. This was a glitch in the keyboard and many believe that only users with many saved words in the dictionary can experience this problem. That’s not entirely try because I know someone who also have encountered this issue but he never had a single word entered in the keyboard dictionary. To address this problem, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

iPhone 5S contact names missing, only numbers show

Have you ever tried finding a contact on your iPhone and found out the names were all gone? Several iPhone 5S owners were complaining about their contacts that only numbers remain except for those that were saved in the cloud. There seems to be a minor glitch in the device’s contacts storage.

But don’t worry, there’s a very effective solution to this. Based on a number of testimonies from owners who have encountered this problem, toggling the Contacts slider on and off could fix this problem. Go to Settings > iCloud > toggle Contacts slider on and off.

iPhone 5S seems to be overheating when charging

I am pretty sure you’ve noticed that your phone becomes hotter when plugged in to charge. Well, that’s normal! The charger is forcing electrons into the device’s battery and that emits heat plus. But make sure the phone isn’t directly under the sun or any bright lights that could double or triple the temperature. As long as the heat comes from the phone’s components, there’s nothing to worry because it’s well-equipped with temperature sensors; it’s well protected. However, if the phone heats up unusually even if not plugged in, that’s not normal anymore. Bring the phone to an Apple store and have it checked.

iPhone 5S sensors malfunctioning

At this point, it’s not clear whether the frequently reported gyroscope and accelerometer issues are caused by a software or a hardware glitch. If you have problems with the sensors of your iPhone, take the device back to the Apple Store and have it replaced. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a good replacement unit because many owners are still suffering from the same problems even after they had their phone replaced.

Cannot download apps on iPhone 5S

This is a very common issue not just for the iPhone 5S but across all iOS devices. Don’t worry it’s minor and can be solved by doing soft reset. But before you do that, close all apps that are running in the background; double-tap the Home button and swipe up each app preview. Tap the Home button once to return to the home screen.

Now, hold down the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Just ignore the ON/OFF slider, then let both buttons go and wait for device to restart. No data will be lost. Do it one more time to update the apps.

iPhone 5S cannot connect to home Wi-Fi network

It’s probably one of the most common problems but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the iPhone’s fault. First thing to consider is your network hardware. You may have heard it before countless times but unplugging your router or modem for 30 seconds could fix the issue. So, try that one first.

After power-cycling your network equipment and the phone still refuses to connect, go out for a while and have a cup of coffee at Starbucks and connect to their network. Or you could go to your friend’s house and test their Wi-Fi. If your phone could connect to other networks, yours may be at fault here. Otherwise, resetting network settings could fix the problem. Go to Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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