Microsoft Develops A Smart Bra

We all know Microsoft as a tech company that’s a leader in the software industry. It appears that the company is branching out into other products as it aims to bring artificial intelligence into women’s lingerie.

Microsoft Smart Bra

Researchers at the company have developed a prototype of a “smart bra” that’s capable of tracking a woman’s emotional mood. This is done through the use of physiological sensors that can link with a smartphone. The sensors will then send a message to the smartphone alerting the user to make better eating decisions.

Explaining why the bra was used scientists said that “First, we needed a form factor that would be comfortable when worn for long durations. The bra form factor was ideal because it allowed us to collect (electrocardiogram data) near the heart.”

The Microsoft researchers conducted a study called Food and Mood: Just-in-Time Support for Emotional Eating which aims to show that when people are notified about their habit to eat when stressed they might reconsider eating. Despite the fact that both men and women are affected by binge eating it is women that are more susceptible.

The study had four women wearing the smart bra for four days. Sensors placed below the arms monitored each woman’s heart rate while another sensor measured perspiration. The smart bra also had a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

Data gathered from the experiment shows that when real-time information was provided to the women that they had higher stress levels they were encouraged to become active or eat less. The smart bra was 75% accurate in reporting the emergent emotional state of the test subjects.

Microsoft is now satisfied that it can develop wearable products that will help people overcome overeating. As of now the company is continuing the research to come up with a more durable and comfortable product which can be used by both men and women.

via cnn