Samsung Electronics Takes Number One Spot In LTS Smartphone Market


The LTE smartphone market once again has seen Samsung Electronics take the number one spot over Apple in the second quarter. They walked away with 27.2 million sales and a 47% market share. South Korea’s electronic sales soared as well, with 17 million units moved. Since the launch of the Galaxy S4, sales have skyrocketed for Samsung, with many attributing said sales to this unit alone. One of the things that can happen when a company has a big seller like this is that it can gain new customers that don’t even buy that model, but rather choose something else.

This does not mean that Apple and LG are somehow struggling. To the contrary, Apple has seen amazing market performance especially with their iPhone 5, and LG Electronics has also seen success, though not as much of course as Apple or Samsung.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Apple can retake its crown in the next quarter.

Source: MK News

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