NSA Spying Nothing New


Many people believe that NSA spying on Americans is a somewhat new phenomenon. This could not be further from the truth. The NSA has been looking in on Americans for decades now; it is just that the new technology of the information age has made it much easier for them, as well as easier for us to find out what they are doing. One of the things it holds in common just as it did then is that the NSA has found itself before in the midst of controversy and concerns over the privacy of everyday Americans.

In the 1960’s, any call made domestically to Cuba was monitored by the NSA. Anyone ranging from political radicals and antiwar activists were under the watchful eye of the NSA. By as early as 1983, the NSA had powerful computing in its hands for monitoring Americans. In short, the NSA’s habit of poking its nose in the lives of private individuals is nothing new.

Source: The Verge