Moto X: Unlocked Version Coming As Well

moto x

The Motorola Moto X Google is one of the most anticipated phones coming out this year, and users that have been hoping for an unlocked version to come out may just be getting what they asked for. The Moto X Google is one of the flagship devices showcasing Motorola’s ambitious move in the smartphone market, as well as showing what a Google device can really do. At least that is what both Motorola and Google hope. The device comes loaded with some amazing features, and with an unlocked version coming along with the contract device, users are getting excited.

With a 2 year contract the device will run at $199, while with a non-contract unlocked device the price tag will jump to likely more than $299. Other devices that came unlocked cost as much as $700. The Moto X is no cheap phone, but with all of the exciting hardware coming with it, this should come as no surprise.

Source: Next Power Up