Instagram Coming To Windows Phones


For some users, Instagram has become an expected feature on any decent smartphone, which is probably why Nokia has announced that Instagram will be coming to their Windows Phone. Instagram is a sort of blend of photo sharing and social media, wherein people can take a picture with their smartphone and instantly upload it with a caption. Of late, Instagram has been the most notable missing app for the Windows Phone platform, so its time is overdue. For many people, the lack of Instagram on Windows phones has been the number one reason why they have not bought one. With the competitive nature of the market, this is a smart move on the part of Nokia and Windows to bring Instagram as an option.

Nokia has announced that while Instagram is coming to the Windows store, the release date has not been set. In other words, it is coming, but users are going to have to wait, which means that less people will be buying Windows phones until then.

Source: VR Zone