HTC Mini Plus: A Phone For Your Smartphone

HTC Mini Plus

Have you ever been surfing the web on your smartphone and wished you could make a call without having to interrupt your web surfing? Well, you are not alone, and it seems that HTC knows this as well. They are hoping that you and users like you will be willing to spend $50 and buy what they are calling the HTC Mini+, a remote device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to make phone calls while simultaneously surfing the web from your smartphone.

They are calling this a phone for your smartphone.

HTC has said that the device will also feature a “hands-free remote camera control [that] lets you take pictures from your phone at a distance” and “even doubles as a TV remote control, and pairs with select HTC devices to operate multimedia streaming through your HTC Media Link HD.”

If the device catches on in the market, then we could see other phone designers quickly following suit.

Source: BGR