Blackberry 10: New Facebook App Update Coming


Facebook has perhaps not had the best history with its smartphone apps. At least this has been the case for many Android users that found themselves constantly frustrated by slow loads and crashes. Well, Facebook continues to try and be all things to all people, and now has an app coming to the Blackberry 10 that promises to integrate chat and faster scrolling.

Faster scrolling may not seem like much, but given the fact that on Android scrolling Facebook can be a test in patience, it will be nice for Blackberry users to not have to deal with the lag. Facebook is also promising “enhanced photo experience,” and it is anyone’s guess as to what that will mean. Perhaps the user photos will be better organized and easier to load. So far the Facebook app for Blackberry has a low, low score from users, so hopefully this update will go a long way to restoring confidence.

Source: Engadget