Aristo: BlackBerry 10.2 Smartphone Possibly Launching At The Z30

BlackBerry 10.2

It used to be that a Blackberry was the closest thing to a smartphone. In fact, one could argue that the Blackberry was the forerunner to smartphone devices. Well, it has been reported that Blackberry is releasing its first big smartphone soon, and it will be called the Aristo. Now, there have been a ton of rumors surrounding the device, but really nothing concrete except that it has an A10 model number. But even that may just be a codename. So the question remains: what do we really know about this upcoming device from Blackberry?

The honest answer is that we know next to nothing concrete about the phone. Again, according to the rumors the device will be released as soon as Z30, but that is all we know about the device. Now, as far as the rumor mill goes for smartphones, we can likely expect more and more concrete “leaks” to come out about the device between now and Z30.

Source: Engadget