Windows Phone Market Presence Sluggish

windows phone

It seems like whenever Microsoft tries to do much of anything outside of the Xbox and their series of operating systems, they stumble. Even with their Xbox the company ran into issues when it started talking about its Xbox One and consumers cried foul with all the privacy issues it put in jeopardy. The company’s recent foray into the smartphone business is not having that much success either. Despite the fact that Microsoft seems pledged to stay in the game until there isn’t one anymore, their smartphone business has proven to be quite sluggish, especially when up against the domination of Android.

While the Widows 8 phone boasts a lot of exciting features, the US market has just not been friendly to it. Their current market share is just at around 4%, and that is after a jump of over 30% in growth. That 30% may seem like a lot, but when stacked against their overall market presence, it really isn’t much.

Source: Tech Crunch