New Mobile Word Processor Quip Launches


People don’t just use their smartphone devices to make phone calls and browse the internet. For many users, being able to get work done, whether it is school work or business related work, having a good word processor on their device is critical. In answer to this demand for quality word processing, ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor has developed a product called Quip.

“Quip is a modern word processor optimized for the era of tablets and phones”, says Taylor.” We’re in the middle of a transition away from the desktop computer, yet word processors have stagnated.” Part of what makes Quip so different is the fact that adapts documents to the size or shape of the screen that the user is working on. For example, if the user is using an iPad, the image will be full size. But if they had to switch to an iPhone, Quip would adjust it. The app is also quite polished out of the gate.

Source: Tech Crunch