Moto X: Google Putting Half A Billion Dollars Into Marketing

moto x

With half a billion dollars going towards a massive media and marketing blitz, Google is paying big money in hopes that its Moto X will take the smartphone market by storm. This is the first device that is heavily influenced by Google. In fact, you could almost argue that this is as much Google’s first smartphone device as it is a new device from Motorola.

The device is said to feature more different functions than any other device on the market, and it will be built right here in the United States. Writes the Wall Street Journal’s Amir Efrati:  “Google is expected to allow its Motorola hardware unit to spend several hundred million dollars—and possibly upward of $500 million—to market the highly-anticipated device in the U.S. and some overseas markets, including in Europe, said people familiar with the matter.”

While many things lead to success in the mobile market, if we have learned anything from the likes of Apple and others, putting a lot of money into marketing is key.

Source: BGR