Mobile Transaction Make Up 10% Of Starbucks Transactions


Mobile transactions have taken a long time to catch on in the United States, and even now they are not as prevalent as we may have thought they would be. In a recent report, however, Starbucks revealed that about 10% of its transaction are coming from mobile transactions, which perhaps signals that consumers are cozying up to the idea more than ever. Basically, users get an app on their device that is like having a digital Starbucks card, and they use that to pay for their coffee. Maybe this will signal the way in which American users will be willing to do smartphone device transactions rather than having it connected directly to their debit cards.

Some Americans have shows a level of distrust over the security systems of phone transactions, so being able to have an app that is essentially a gift card night be exactly the answer to making phone transactions more of the norm.

Source: The Verge

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