Mobile Sensor Data: How Much Is Too Much?

wearable computing

We live in a time that we only dreamed of just ten or twenty years ago. We are living in the time of the smart phone, which is a bigger deal than you might think. Not only have the devices become more and more sophisticated, but we are also looking down the pike at wearable mobile devices coming very soon. With all of this new mobile tech comes a surge of mobile data, and with that comes functionality that will amaze and confuse. So, the question is: how much is too much?

Tony Salvador, Intel’s Director of Experience Insights Research is optimistic about our relationship with increased mobile tech going forward. He says that “we’re just going to be as overwhelmed as we want to be.”

Jeff Holove, chief executive of Basis, maker of a sensor-packed health tracking watch adds, “We certainly could be overwhelmed, the onus is on us to design the user experience so we don’t get overwhelmed…Any amount of data is going to be overwhelming for some of us.”

Source: Venture Beat