Lumia 1020: The Phone That Will Save Nokia

Lumia 1020

It used to be that Nokia was the name of the game in innovative mobile tech. Over the years, however, it has fallen behind as new companies have emerged with devices that have so far been beating the old staple of the industry. A new device, however, is coming down the line that could reestablish Nokia as the company it used to be, and that is the Lumia 1020.

In case you have not heard of the device, which would be surprising considering the massive amount of leaks that have come out about it, it will use the popular Pureview technology as well as Windows Phone 8. A hefty 2GB of RAM will come with the phone, which is great for making the sizable OS run smoothly. As the device gets closer to launch, even more information will come out about it. Hopefully, Nokia can show the market that it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Source: Tech Radar