LG G2: More Photos And Specs Leaked


While LG is a big company and highly profitable, they are, admittedly, not as huge as Apple and Samsung. Despite that, the South Korean company is working very hard to maintain its mark in the smartphone device industry. Of late, their much anticipated LG G2 has had a ton of information leaked about the device, seemingly every day. The new device pictured shows a big battery with 2,610 mAh, which would mean that it will have a good amount of life to it.

On August 2nd the device is expected to be unveiled at a scheduled press conference, and many potential users are excited to finally know everything there is to know about the LG G2. LG shipped a record 12 million phones in the second quarter, and with the LG G2 coming, they could very well be looking at swelled numbers in the third quarter. Let’s hope all the hype is worth it.

Source: BGR