Kyocera Torque Getting Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Kyocera Torque

The Kyocera Torque handset from Sprint is long overdue for an Android update, and with the latest Jelly Bean updated Android hitting the handset, users can start getting excited about new options available to them if they own the Kyocera Torque. This is not all that is coming down the pike on July 5th. In addition to getting the Jelly Bean Android OS, the Kyocera Torque will also get international calling, power cycling capability, email sync fixes, and some tweaks to sleep mode. This is quite a bit of updating for the handset, which may come as an unexpected surprise to owners.

All of this upgrading to the sturdy device should result in faster speeds, and more efficiency. There is nothing better than a phone that you can drop time and time again, and not only does it keep working, but it also comes chock full of all those fancy updates and features you see with other devices.

Source: Android Police