Instagram And Vine Have Record Shattering 4th of July


Users of Instagram and Vine have shared a record shattering amount of video numbering in the millions of hours. In six second and fifteen second videos people are sharing anything from fireworks to 4th of July barbeques. Both companies have been hard at work keeping everyone updated as to how they were respectively breaking any and all previous records for media shared on both sites.

These new records represent a major shift towards an integrated roll of smartphone devices in people’s social lives a means of sharing what they are doing and why they are doing it. The short and sweet format allows them to give little snippets as they happen and share it quickly. Much like using social network sites to share information, sites such as Vine give people a way to share little details about their lives in video. In addition, they have also given many people a fun and interesting format for creativity.

Source: Tech Crunch