Huawei’s MediaPad 7 Youth and the MediaPad 7 Carve Out Their Niche

MediaPad 7 Youth and the MediaPad 7

A major element of the tablet market is how to pack the greatest hardware into the smallest package. Developers of course have to be careful how they go about this because they could end up making devices that are expensive due to the internal hardware, but ultimately are a waste of money because they are lightweight and fragile. This then presents an interesting challenge to tablet manufacturers as they try and build the most convenient devices they can for consumers.

Tablet develop Huawei has been working toward this goal of late as it tries its best to make its presence known in the tablet market. Their new MediaPad 7 Youth and the MediaPad 7 Vogue are 7 inch tablets that feature are not only computing devices, but they are also phones. The question, then, is whether or not they are an oversized phone or whether they are a tablet that you can make calls on.

Source: The Verge