Canary: New Security System You Can Control With Your Smartphone


Recent statistics have revealed that if you rent a home you are more likely to be burgled. As a way of dealing with this issue, many people are looking to install security systems in their rented home or apartment. The problem for some is that these systems can be overpriced, or just plain too difficult to install. A new security system, however, is seeking to change that.

It is called Canary, and it seeks to have an all in one security system in a self contained cylinder that is controlled by an app on y0ur smrtphone device. According to the developers of Canary, the cylinder will be as easy as plugging it in and waiting 30 seconds. The device contains a plethora of sensors, including a microphone and an HD video camera with night vision and a wide-angle lens that allows it to view an entire room. The smarpthone app can control the system, as well as receive alerts form it.

Source: Gizmag