“Canabalt HD” for Android Gets a Massive Update

Canabalt HD

People love their Android games, and this especially goes for the popular Android game Canabalt, which has now been updated to Canabalt HD, a massively updated version of the game. The recent updates include some interesting new levels, two player mode, and a new female character. The controls have stayed the same, which users will like, but they have some great new environments to run and jump through.

The two player mode allows for each player to compete with the other via split screen, but this may be a better feature to run on a tablet or iPad as opposed to a smartphone. Although, if you have the top of the line smartphone device on the market then you might not have any trouble playing two players on your device.

The female character will be chosen randomly at the start of the game, and will be distinguished by hair length.

Source: The Verge