X Phone: Motorola’s Flagship Still a Mystery


Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility, is still the only person who has seen the company’s new flagship device, the X-Phone. At the D11 Conference it was confirmed that the X-Phone would indeed be the new flagship, and it will be manufactured in a factory outside Fort Worth. The factory previously manufactured Nokia devices. “We like to be the challenger,” Woodside said. “So we’re filling the company with people who want to transform the company into a winner.”

While the official word has gone out about the X-Phone, there are literally no details available about what the device will do, and what it will look like.

To sum up: the X-Phone is still a huge secret, only the CEO has seen it, and Motorola is counting on it to take the company into a very competitive place in the mobile market. Hopefully all the secrecy will be worth it when the device finally launches.

Source: GSMinsider