Terraria making a landing on mobile platforms this summer


Remember the 2d side-scroller Terraria? The game that played a little like Minecraft, but was so much more? It will be available on mobile devices this summer, publisher 505 Games announced today.

Keep in mind that the publisher didn’t announce any specific titles, so we’re not sure what mobile platforms it’ll be launching on. Although, there’s no doubt it’s one of the big three — Android, iOS, or BlackBerry 10. However, the mobile version of Terraria is being developed by a dutch indie studio. You may be familiar with the name Codeglue — the guys behind the Xbox Live Arcade and mobile version of Rocket Riot.

According to the announcement, the mobile version of the game will feature leaderboards, achievements, and even Facebook integration to let players share screenshots (is that a thing?). We’re not sure what the developer will be using for leaderboard and achievement features, but considering that Google just recently launched its Play Games services, it’d wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea that they would use that. Of course, that would mean there would be Google+ integration too, and we heard no mention of that.

Furthermore, Terraria for mobile devices will be optimized for smartphones and tablets, according to the publisher. Of course, that was a given considering that it was being developed for mobile platforms.

The publisher, 505 Games, are the guys who brought Terraria to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. They’re also looking to bring it to the PlayStation Vita this summer, which is being developed by Engine Software, the studio that put together the XBL and PSN version.

source: Polygon