Solar Charging Station: AT&T Looking to Keep User Charged Throughout Their Day

charging station

One of the worst things that can happen to student and business people is when their phone begins to lose its charge during some sort of important and critical phone call on their mobile device. Think about how many times you have had to say goodbye because your phone was losing its charge, or lost the call completely because the battery died. Well, AT&T is looking to remedy this issue by building solar powered mobile device charging stations in New York.

The stations will be deployed in public areas like parks and beaches, with the idea being to make AT&T a more active corporate member of the wireless community and further helping users keep their devices on. Marissa Shorenstein, the president of AT&T’s New York division, says the outlying philosophy here is “as a commitment to being a part of the New York community as a corporate citizen but also as a way for New Yorkers to continue to engage with their technology as they continue to consume more and more data.”

Source: BGR

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