Samsung: Expanding Research Arm


It has just been reported that Samsung has started to invest a sizable amount of money, in the order of $1.34 billion, in future science and technology. The Samsung Future Technology Foundation will focus on things such as “physics, chemistry, life science, and mathematics, materials science, and ICT fusion-type projects,” according to The Korea Times. Much like Bell Labs, which is AT&T’s arm of research, The Samsung Future Technology Foundation represents Samsung’s hopes of creating and producing breakthrough technologies in physics, electronics, and computer science. The company could pull it off as long as they don’t spread themselves too thin with multiple projects.

Haydn Shaughnessy of Forbes notes, ““While it is now a formidable innovator, its relentless launch program leaves it with considerable inventory and stretches the company…The big issue is whether long-term ecosystem building will bring Samsung the customer loyalty and service revenues it needs as we pass beyond the peak of high-end smartphone buying.

Source: BGR