Nokia Pokes Fun at the Competition

nokia meme

In the smart phone market one of the challenges manufacturers have is making a phone that is both diverse in its options, including hardware and software, while at the same time staying slim and light. Of late there have been some new phones coming out that are great in terms of options, but phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, which Nokia has recently posted comedic jabs about specifically because its bulk may not match its value. In other words, the device is too heavy.

Nokia has released a flurry of memes of late that mock other devices, from being too low light, to touting the durability of the Nokia devices themselves. It looks like what Nokia is saying, and this might seem like common sense to many, is that users want options in hardware and software, and they want lightweight durability. By making some fun of other devices, Nokia is claiming that it meets this criterion better than the competition.

Source: VR-Zone