Mad Catz: Simplicity the Main Selling Point of New Android Game Console

Mad Catz

Of late there have been a plethora of Android gaming devices, with some more popular and functional than others. Where newcomer Mad Catz hopes to differentiate itself is by taking a whole new approach, and that is by offering a very simple, lightweight console that allows users to play Android games on their televisions as opposed to just smart phones and tablets.

Google Play and Amazon Appstore are already set up for their games to play on the Mad Catz. What is more is that no special controller is needed, nor is there any sort of subscription required. Says spokesman Alex Verrey from Mad Catz, “You buy the games from wherever you damn well please…We bring the hardware, you bring the software.”

The little console with come loaded with a fair amount of memory and processing power, headphone jack, and Ethernet connector. Now users will be able to play their favorite game apps on their HD televisions.

Source: The Verge