Images of Low-Cost iPhone Leaked

Low cost iPhone

One lament of many consumers that would love to buy an iPhone is that the devices are just too darn expensive these days. In many cases this is true, and if you just spend some time looking at the price tags for some of the newest phones than you will probably agree. Of course, people can buy phones used online, but there is no warranty, and the phone may have cosmetic wear and more.

This may be about to change, however, because recently photos were leaked of a possible low cost iPhone that Apple has been promising to release for some time. There is currently no work on what features the phone will have, but since it is a smart phone then users can assume there will be some great functionality, even if it is on the low end of the price spectrum. Design build and quality may not be as high end as other devices, but an affordable iPhone is going to be something many people are interested in.