GOWEX: Hundreds of Smartphones Now Getting Free WiFi


Smart phone users love their Wi-Fi capabilities. It enables them to get online with their device without using their data plan and it also allows them use their device in an area that their service provider may not have coverage. Many smart phone users in the San Francisco area have reason to be excited because it has been anno0ucned that GOWEX will now be providing free Wi-Fi service to hundreds of smart phone models. Users will get up to 1Mbps in download speeds, and GOWEX will see profits from service providers and advertisers. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

The free iOS and Android apps are available in their respective stores right now. Widespread Wi-Fi access like this has the potential to change how we connect to the internet in day to day life. One of the big bonuses is how much money is can potentially save consumers.