Edward Snowden: The United States has Filed Charges

Edward Snowden

As expected, ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden is being charged by the United States for leaking information about NSA surveillance to the media. The fallout in the past couple of weeks from the Snowden leak has been substantial, with politicians backing the NSA and some coming out against the monitoring of email, phone calls and text messages. The charges against Snowden include Theft of Government Property, Unauthorized Communications on National Defense Information and “Willful Communication of Classified Information to an Unauthorized Person.”

Snowden is currently hiding out in Hong Kong, and the United States is expected to request that China detain him and allow for them to take him back to the United States. In the event that China resists extradition, the process of getting Snowden could take much longer.

Snowden was a private contractor with the CIA, having come from the private company Booz Allen Hamilton in the District of Virginia.

Source: Engadget