Beer Glass that Will Only Stand On a Smart Phone

beer glass

In our age of the internet and smart phones, a common sight is to see people at a bar with one or two of them staring endlessly at their smart phone. As a comical way to combat this sometimes rude habit, a new beer glass has come out that only stands up right if it is sat down on your phone. If someone is too busy on their phone, then the beer will spill over. If they set their phone down then the beer glass will stand perfectly.

The beer glass was designed by designed by ad agency Fischer & Friends, and it forces you to either hold the glass and drink your beer while holding your phone, or it forces you to set down you phone and ignore social networking for awhile.

It is proving to be a hilarious addition to any group of friends who grow annoyed at being ignored while one or two people stare endlessly at their phones.

Source: Gizmodo