AIO Wireless Launching with ZTE Overture

AIO wireless

AT&T has a new prepaid wireless carrier, AIO Wireless, and unlike other lackluster prepaid carriers, there are actually some pretty interesting details coming along with AIO. While typically LTE coverage is reserved for premium AT&T members, it looks like this policy is changing because AIO will offer LTE coverage en masse, even though currently it is limited to their customers in Texas and Florida. High speed mobile access is going to be available for compatible devices.

The news just keeps getting better too. AIO will also be launching with a new smart phone, the ZTE Overture. There are no details about this new device except that it will come with a 4-inch display and Android Jelly Bean. This is an exciting beginning for AIO, as this year its coverage area will be expanding hugely, and as a prepaid carrier with smart phone access, many users who prefer prepaid plans will be standing in line to get on this exciting new carrier’s services.

Source: Android Police

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