Hands-On Preview of Ruby LTE Hotspot at CTIA 2013

rubyYota, the company that brought us the twin display smartphone “Yotaphone” is now showcasing an LTE hotspot with a small e-ink screen that they are calling “Ruby.” Part of what has techies buzzing about Ruby is the fact that it is both an ink screen as well as a hotspot. Such functionality is going to be very interesting to students and business people alike. The ink screen shows battery strength, the status and strength of the signal, how many devices are connected to the device, and whether or not it is in public mode. It also comes fitted with the usual USB connections. The 2100mAh battery has 16 hrs of use, and 60 hours on standby. It can also be charged to 70 percent capacity in an hour. There are a couple of carriers in Europe and Russia that Yota has signed up with, but there is no word yet as to whether or not the hotspot will make it to the United States.