Two Steve Jobs Era iPhones Set to be Released Soon

the late steve jobs

The next two versions of the iPhone may have been developed during the time of Steve Jobs, a report in the San Francisco Examiner said.

If the report is to be believed, it said that Apple’s government liaison Michael Foulkes admitted that the next two iPhones that will be released by the Cupertino company “preceded Tim Cook,” Apple’s current chief executive officer.

Cook replaced Jobs when the latter died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011.

Foulkes’ information was supposedly imparted to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon during their discussions on how to address the growing problem of mobile phone theft in the country. In New York, almost all cases of mobile phone thefts include the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg even blamed the surge in mobile phone theft for the slight upswing of the city’s crime rate.

Two Years in the Making

This piece of information may both surprise and excite Apple fans. There has been a lot of speculations after Jobs’ death concerning the future developments of the company. Jobs is believed to be the backbone of Apple’s success, and his death has raised concerns that Cook may not have what it takes to maintain that success.

But for those who are in-the-know about the development of technology, this bit of information shouldn’t be a surprise. It is a well-known fact that new smartphones take years to be developed, which means that the phones released this year have been existing since about two years ago.

Horace Dediu, a former manager at Nokia and a well-known Apple analyst, told UK’s Telegraph that the phones currently being developed will only start shipping by 2016. So does this mean that the rumored iPhone 5S was a Steve Jobs invention? Well, Apple won’t let that tidbit come out just yet.

It’s only a matter of time before we get to know the truth behind this. Apple still doesn’t want to comment about the reference made by Foulkes to his former boss. Whether or not that is true, Apple for now is enjoying its stay at the top of the smartphone universe. It would take someone as big as South Korea’s Samsung before Apple is toppled from its lofty position. Or maybe that is what ticking Apple off these days?

Tough Competition

Maybe Samsung hasn’t fully infiltrated the US market just yet, but it’s slowly getting there if sales are to be the basis. This little bit of news might change the perception of smartphone consumers, however, since a majority of them are still fans of the late Steve Jobs.

The fact that the new coming iPhones have already been developed before the death of Steve Jobs is also seemingly the reason why Apple cannot commit into creating a technology that will lock their devices once they have been stolen. That and the fact that mobile phone theft is highly profitable for smartphone manufacturers, Gascon said. After all, once an iPhone or iPad has been stolen, the consumer would have to buy one again, he added.

Sources: CNET and Telegraph